A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the LACMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community



During these challenging times, COVID has changed the way we communicate and keep in contact.  Here at LACMA we have made peer to peer contact accesible to our Physicians by setting up the "LACMA LOUNGE", a virtual meeting place to meet, connect, vent, share.  This has given our Physicians a "safe space" to talk about how their professional and personal lives have been affected by the pandemic.  Stay tuned to see when we have the next LACMA LOUNGE, or contact us to set one up in your district today!

Districts MapMembership recruitment and retention, and grassroots and community advocacy are the primary reasons LACMA has designated leaders in Los Angeles County’s local regions. Currently, five local regions exist.  Physician leaders recruit new members through peer-to-peer solicitation and other creative methods, and are responsible for local membership retention programs. Leaders also promote grassroots activities that build and maintain relationships with their respective state officials by meeting with legislators and other key decision makers to advance our legislative agenda and to demonstrate and build constituent support for that effort.

Get involved on a local to level and benefit from:

  1. Localized networking
  2. Meaningful and purposeful engagements
  3. Forums where you can share your issues and concerns
  4. Increase visibility within local medical group and hospital systems
  5. Champion community impact initiatives.

Get Involved. Contact us.