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Patient Care Foundation

The Los Angeles County Medical Association leads a unified healthcare front by fostering optimal collaborations among physicians, patients, and the community.  To this end, LACMA established the Patient Care Foundation of Los Angeles County in June 2008.  The Foundation is the charitable arm of LACMA that serves as a link between physicians and the community.  It champions community opportunities and has a tremendous commitment to impact the quality of life of all patients in Los Angeles County by expanding the pool of medical professionals who attend to underserved populations. During these turbulent times, when access to healthcare is of great concern to citizens, having more doctors in these disadvantaged communities is of priority.

The Patient Care Foundation (PCF) of Los Angeles County has made great strides over the past few years. Efforts made through fundraising and grants have enabled PCF to provide scholarships to medical students who come from medically underserved areas of Los Angeles County.  In order to improve patient access to care, treatment, and health education, the Foundation supports the aspirations of medical school students. Additionally, PCF works with LACMA in an effort to encourage, inspire, and mentor a new cadre of community-based physicians poised to deliver high quality healthcare in areas with significant gaps in access and services. To get more information on the scholarship program or to apply, click here

Each year, the Patient Care Foundation hosts the annual Los Angeles Healthcare Awards where individuals and institutions are recognized for their exemplary contributions in providing and improving access to quality healthcare in Los Angeles County.  PCF also presents its Scholarships at the Gala to qualified individuals who’ve met extensive requirements.

As the Patient Care Foundation continues to grow, it looks forward to awarding scholarships to the next up-and-coming generation of physicians and recognizing those individuals and organizations that improve healthcare.  The Patient Care Foundation urges you to support the unified effort to better serving patients in Los Angeles by participating in annual events.  The Los Angeles Healthcare Awards will be held in November of 2018.

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