A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the LACMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community

Board of Directors


President:  Omer Deen, MD

President-Elect:  Jerry Abraham, MD

Treasurer:  Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD

Secretary:   Heather Silverman, MD

Immediate Past President:  Jeffery Lee, MD


Robert Bitonte, MD (D1)

Samuel Fink, MD (D6)

Stacey Ludwig, MD (D1)

Sion Roy, MD (D5)

Richard Seidman, MD (D1)


C Freeman, MD (D1)

Michael Cao, MD (D2)


Marc Mendes, MD (D6)

Kambiz Kosari, MD (D7)

Steven Sawelson, MD (D9)

Sharon Jakus-Waldman, MD (D10)

Stephanie Booth, MD (D10)

Diego Caivano, MD (D14)

Nancy Ellerbroek, (D17)

Roxana Yoonessi, MD, JD (SCPMG)

Lisa Firestone, MD (SCPMG)

Troy Elander, MD (SSGPF)

Cristian Rico, MD (AltaMed)

VACANT (Young Physician)

Hector Flores, MD (1, Ethnic Physicians Committee)

Anna Yap, MD (Resident Councilor)

Cecilia Leggett, MD (Alt. Resident Councilor)

Aileen Arevalo (Student Councilor, UCLA)

VACANT, (Alternate Student Councilor)

Trustees & Delegation Chair

Valencia Walker, MD, Chair of the LACMA Delegation

Jerry Abraham, MD, CMA Trustee

Resa Caivano, MD, CMA Trustee

Sion Roy, MD, CMA Trustee

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