A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the LACMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community


LACMA Elections provide members in good standing an opportunity to get more involved in the decision-making process and serve as representatives of their local communities throughout Los Angeles County. Members have the opportunity to run for and elect persons for the LACMA Board and local leadership positions.

LACMA holds its elections every June. Active members of LACMA and CMA have the privilege of voting for their preferred candidates.

At the end of May, members can expect to receive a voting ballot via email or mail and you will be able to cast your vote for your preferred candidate. Please be sure to keep an eye out for your ballot and submit your vote.

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The Los Angeles County Medical Association will hold its 152nd Annual Election this June.  

The following contested elections will appear on the ballot. Those elected will serve on LACMA's Board of Directors.  Candidates below are listed in ballot order. Ballots will be emailed or mailed to each eligible current member (must have joined or renewed by March 1, 2023).

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Click HERE to view the proposed bylaws changes. Active members of the Association will have the opportunity to vote on these changes in the upcoming election.

Young Physician Councilor 

The candidates below are running for the Young Physician Councilor seat on the LACMA Board of Directors. There is one vacancy for a term of three years.

Richard Huynh, MD

Hi, my name is Richard Huynh.  I am honored to be nominated for the position of Young Physician Councilor on the LACMA Board of Directors, a position I held since late last year.  I was born and raised in sunny southern California.  Only leaving when I went to New York for medical school.  After that, I returned for residency at Los Angeles County Harbor UCLA Medical Center and fellowship at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. I am an actively practicing pulmonary and critical care physician at a large community hospital in Torrance, CA.  In a short period of time, I have practiced in a variety of environments: community safety net hospitals, academic tertiary centers, and now a community practice.  In previous years, I also served as a California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate. 

I am a firm believer in the physician's voice. We need to have a seat at the table when decisions are made regarding our practices and our community's health.  Over the past several months, I have witnessed LACMA's influential voice and seen how impactful we can be on the world around us.  As a Young Physician Councilor, I strive to be a voice for young physicians as well as learn from my colleagues. Once again, I appreciate your consideration and hope to continue on as Young Physician Councilor.  Thank you!

Nuriel Moghavem, MD

I am excited to be a candidate for the Young Physician Councilor on the LACMA Board of Directors. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and joined LACMA two years ago when I moved back to LA for my fellowship training. I have since served on the LACPAC Board. I will shortly start as an inpatient and outpatient neurologist at Los Angeles General Medical Center (formerly LAC+USC), including supervising resident clinics and directing the multiple sclerosis clinic. I am passionate about medical education, including ensuring that our trainees understand the social determinants of health, and the role of physicians as respected community leaders in addressing critical issues outside our clinic walls. As the Young Physician Councilor, I will bring the voice of those early in practice to board discussions and will also seek to elevate the voices of our trainee leaders. In particular, I will push for policies to support continued robust membership growth among medical students, residents, fellows and young physicians -- essential to the long-term well-being of LACMA. This year marks my tenth in organized medicine leadership, having started as a first-year medical student, and I would be honored to continue in service with your vote for the Young Physician Councilor on the LACMA Board of Directors.

Resident/Fellow Councilor

The candidates below are running for Resident/Fellow Councilor. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be elected as the Resident/Fellow Councilor and the runner up will serve as the Alternate Resident/Fellow Councilor. The term is for one year.

Dayna Isaacs, MD, MPH

I first discovered medicine through Doctors Without Walls - Santa Barbara Street Medicine. This foundation of delivering health care and social services directly to unhoused individuals in their own environment through a harm reduction lens continues to guide my practice. I witnessed the striking ubiquity of social determinants of health and their deleterious impacts on health outcomes. I then felt compelled to obtain my Master of Public Health degree, where I equipped myself with a public health framework embedded in equity and social justice. I employed my new skillset to co-direct ClĂ­nica Tepati, a non-profit clinic, and was one of the founding members of Sacramento Street Medicine. Furthermore, I successfully advocated for a new 5,000-member UC Davis Health Medi-Cal contract.

I gravitated towards health policy to advocate for marginalized and minoritized populations on a larger scale, discovering my true home in organized medicine. Over the past six years, I have served as a CMA/AMA delegate and as a member on the CMA/AMA Council on Science on Public Health, co-authoring over 20 resolutions and reports. I have had the privilege of serving on the CMA-RFS Executive Board. My organized medicine colleagues have become lifelong friends who inspire me to challenge the status quo.

At UCLA, I felt energized to advocate for positive changes within the workplace to ultimately improve patient outcomes. I currently serve as the Regional Vice President of the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) to represent the interests of over 27,000 housestaff. I also volunteered on the UCLA CIR Bargaining Team, where I helped author, negotiate, and pass a monumental contract for 1,500 housestaff.

I am eager to continue championing housestaff and advancing the priorities of LACMA. It would be an absolute honor to learn and grow as an advocate alongside local physician leaders.

Annie Hoang, MD, MPH

I am a rising PGY2 in emergency medicine at UCLA, and I am excited for the opportunity to serve as a Resident/Fellow Councilor on the LACMA Board of Directors.  Before residency, I studied at UCSF for medical school. My interests have always centered on health equity and promoting healthy communities. I hope to be able to collaborate with fellow members to work on initiatives that continue to support and advance the practice of medicine while centering patient care. 

Uncontested Elections

The following positions were uncontested and will not appear on the ballot. Congratulations to the elected candidates!

Secretary - Hector Flores, MD

Councilors-at-Large (2 seats) - Stacey Ludwig, MD, MPH and George Fouras, MD

District 2 Councilor - Christopher Libby, MD

District 5 Councilor - Karen Miotto, MD

District 9 Councilor - Steve Sawelson, MD

District 10 Councilor - Stephanie Booth, MD

Solo Small Group Practice Forum Councilor - Troy Elander, MD

CMA Trustee - Jerry P. Abraham, MD, MPH, CMQ

Medical Student Councilor - Justin Cheng (USC)

CMA Delegates and Alternate Delegates


# of Delegate Vacancies

# of Alt. Delegate Vacancies

1 (Metropolitan)



2 (Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley/Glendale)



5 (Bay)



6 (W. SF Valley/Santa Clarita Valley)



7 (Beverly Hills)



9 (Southwest/South)



10 (Southeast/East/Long Beach)



14 (Foothill/Pomona)



17 (E. SF Valley/Antelope Valley)



The California Medical Association's (CMA) House of Delegates (HOD) consists of nearly 550 delegates elected by component medical societies, specialty societies, and CMA sections and forums, representing virtually every mode of practice and region of the state.

CMA's House of Delegates convenes annually to debate on the most important issues affecting members, the Association, and the practice of medicine. Actionable reports on those topics are presented and debated, and educational speakers are often invited to provide additional insight. The House also addresses any other issues referred to it by the Board of Trustees, including any changes to the bylaws matters regarding charters, etc. During the Annual Session, the House elects officers, honors members for their service, and receives important updates about the activities of the Association in the past year.

While only Delegates can address the House during Annual Session, any CMA member may present testimony (i.e. speak for or against a recommendation) during the online testimony period of the Major Issues. This is similar to how Members can submit written testimony on submitted resolutions that are accessible via their account dashboard on the CMA website.

If anyone has any questions regarding the positions or the election process, please contact Lisa Le at (213) 226-0304 or at lisa@lacmanet.org.