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LAC DPH COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Booster Doses

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Expanded Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

After authorization by the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have expanded the recommendations for booster shots to include Moderna and Johnson and Johnson/Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 vaccines as well as heterologous (mix and match) dosing.

Key new CDC booster recommendations:

  • All persons who received a J&J COVID-19 vaccine should get a single vaccine booster dose at least 2 months after their initial J&J dose. The booster can be J&J or either of the mRNA vaccines.
  • Certain people who received Moderna for their primary series should receive a single vaccine booster dose at least 6 months after completing the series. The group of eligible persons is the same as for Pfizer and listed below. Note that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster dose is a half dose (50 ug in 0.25 mg).
  • Individuals may choose which of the 3 authorized vaccines they would like to receive if they are eligible for a booster dose.

Booster eligibility for individuals who received either Pfizer or Moderna primary COVID-19 vaccine series:

  • A booster is recommended for:
  • A booster may be considered for:
    • People age 18-49 years with an underlying medical condition
    • People age 18-64 years who are at higher risk of COVID-19 exposure due to their occupational or institutional setting; this includes all essential workers.

These recommendations have been endorsed by the Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup.

Upcoming CDC Booster Dose Resources

  • The CDC is in the process of updating their COVID-19 vaccine clinical considerations and will be releasing an MMWR on the ACIP recommendations.
  • This Tuesday the CDC will host a live webinar for healthcare providers: What Clinicians Need to Know About the Recent Updates to CDC’s Recommendations for COVID-19 Booster Vaccination. October 26 from 11am-12 pm PST. Webinar details.

LAC DPH Booster Resources

Click on the image below to see the COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Summary Table for Healthcare Providers.  


Visit the LAC DPH COVID-19 Provider Hub and Vaccination Hub.

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