LACMA Leaders Express Their Perspective on 400,000 Lives Lost to COVID-19

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As the Country Reaches Over 400,000 Dead, Due to COVID-19, LACMA Leaders Express Their Perspective on This Historic Day

Omer J Deen, MD:

"This pandemic rages on, taking loved ones across the world.  In a County as populous as ours, we have been hit especially hard by illness and death. At the Los Angeles County Medical Association, we come together to support science and to support our front line healthcare workers in this fight.  We will prevail." 


Jeffery Lee MD:

"This far into the pandemic, all of us know someone who has died from this disease. We mourn for the surviving families and friends. But I’m sure that each of the 400,000 Americans who have passed away would want us to do what we can to live on and carry on their memory. So to honor those who have been taken, please hold on to hope! Wear masks, socially distance, wash your hands, and get vaccinated! We are closer to the end of this than ever before!"


Troy R. Elander:

"This is a day of new beginnings.  It is time for us to tackle the crisis we have in our country, work together, and show the world how strong we can be as we move forward.  We need to be resolute but this is something we can do.  We will make sure we have a better future."


Dr. Sion Roy:

"Reflecting on the 400,000 deaths in our country from the COVID19 pandemic, I feel profound grief for those we have lost and the families left behind, gratitude for the healthcare workers and essential workers that have carried us through the pandemic, and hope for the future as we have started vaccinating Angelenos and Americans across the country."


Hector Flores:

"Today, our new President, Joseph Biden gave a message of Unity, Hope, and Healing. He urged America to think globally and act locally and the first order of business is to address the COVID19 pandemic. Such a strategy can only be implemented through the efforts of the pillars in our community. The LA County Medical Association stands ready. Having implemented a historic COVID rapid response on March 14, 2020, continued advocacy for medical practices large and small, and establishing the Health Equity Council, LACMA is the pillar that lifts up our medical community and the patients they serve."