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LACMA's Statement on Dr. Nichole Quick's Resignation

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The resignation of Dr. Nichole Quick, Orange County’s Chief Health Officer, after being the victim of both death threats and protests at her family home in response to her COVID-19 mask order, is both disheartening and disturbing.  Dr. Quick issued the order to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 in Orange County as local economies open, and as hospitals have seen a recent increase in community transmission and admissions due to the virus.

LACMA unequivocally condemns the personal threats made to Dr. Quick and her family, as well as the attacks on her clinical expertise, professional integrity, and commitment to public health, which ultimately led to her resignation.

LACMA also stands behind other county public health officers, including Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Dr. Muntu Davis and the department’s director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who also serves to protect the health and safety of their citizens and communities here in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Medical Association stands behind Dr. Quick and her commitment to the health of her community.  LACMA will continue to support public health, access to care expansion, the reduction of health disparities, and the practice of evidence-based medicine.