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Latest Updates on New Sectors Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines

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Los Angeles County will offer COVID-19 Vaccines for workers in the following sectors on March 1.

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Education and Childcare
  • Emergency Services and First Responders

With very limited vaccine supply and uncertainty on timing for increased production, a realistic and carefully developed plan for expanding vaccination availability to these additional sectors is being executed. We appreciate your patience as we roll out this next phase.   

Registration is required for a vaccine appointment. Please prepare to show proof of identification and proof of employment in a qualifying sector within Los Angeles County. Registration and a list of eligible identification is available at Vaccinations are free and providing immigration status is not required.

vaccine drive through

Food & Agriculture

Department of Public Health plans to partner with employers and employee organizations along with trusted sources for these groups, like unions, workplace leaders, community leaders and community-based organizations.

Those who are eligible in this category:

  • Food service workers
  • Food manufacturing
  • Grocery store workers
  • Grocery store workers (without pharmacies)
  • Animal agriculture workers including those involved in Vet health
  • Veterinarians
  • Food and Agriculture-associated Port and transportation workers

Education & Childcare

Many school districts have partnerships and capacity to create their own PODs to vaccinate their workforce. Independent and parochial schools will be partnering either with their school districts or will have reserved appointments at county PODs for their workforce. 

Those who are eligible in this category:

  • Teachers (K-12, Preschool)
  • Support staff (K-12, Preschool)
  • Childcare
  • Independent Schools
  • Junior Colleges
  • Colleges & Universities

Emergency Services & First Responders

For the Emergency Services and First Responders sector, agencies, including the courts and correctional facilities, will be partnering with fire departments, police departments, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Health Services and local hospitals to vaccinate their workforce. 

Those who are eligible in this category:

  • Police/law enforcement officers
  • Emergency Management, Search and Rescue, Emergency and public safety communication centers, EOCs
  • National Security
  • Maritime and Aviation Response (TSA)
  • Corrections officers and workers
  • Courts/Legal Counsel & Prosecution
  • Campus and school police
  • Rehabilitation and Re-entry
  • Federal law enforcement agencies
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers
  • Security staff to maintain building access control and physical security measures
  • DCFS, APS (workers physically responding to abuse and neglect of children, elderly and dependent adults)

Nearly 400 sites in L.A. County are administering the vaccines, including federally qualified health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and large capacity vaccination sites.

Check or follow @LAPublicHealth on social media for more information on when and where people in these sectors can get vaccinated.

Always check with trusted sources for the latest accurate information about novel coronavirus: