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Monday Rx | August 26, 2019 | Private Practice Physicians, California Transformation Summit, NEPO 2019, and Telemedicine Kiosk for Skid Row Housing Trust

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PatientPop: Benefits for Private Practice Physicians

Saving private practices continues to be a LACMA focus in spite of the market trends and shifts to groups, mergers, and acquisitions. The bottom line is LACMA needs to serve the needs of all physicians regardless if they are a solo practice in Torrance or part of a large group in Glendale. As members know we forged a strategic alliance with PatientPop, the practice growth technology company (based in Santa Monica), to provide doctors in private practices the opportunity to reach new patients, improve overall patient engagement and drive revenue. PatientPop is hosting a webinar tomorrow at 10 AM titled “Consumerization of Healthcare," and I sincerely encourage members in private practices to attend. The PatientPop platform is widely used by private practice physicians across the U.S and offered at a discount for LACMA members.

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Sharing, Adapting and Further Developing Clinician Practices

I attended the California Transformation Summit and the Network of Ethnic Physicians (NEPO) Conference last week. Both conferences further cemented my passion for serving our members in specific, tangible, and meaningful ways. The Transformation Summit was created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as they designed the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformations. The initiative will support more than 140,000 clinician practices over the next four years in sharing, adapting, and further developing their comprehensive quality improvement strategies. Pacific Business Group on Health’s California Quality Collaborative was chosen as one of the 29 Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs) to provide technical assistance and peer-level support to assist clinicians in delivering care in a patient-centric and efficient manner. CQC’s Practice Transformation Network, known as the Practice Transformation Initiative (PTI), will receive $18.4 million over a four-year period to support 16 provider organizations and 4,800 clinicians. While the meeting was incredibly informative, enlightening, and inspiring, CMS shared their vision for transformation, which made no mention of physicians. We will be sharing our perspective soon.


Standing Up for Health Care in California


Physician leaders from across the state attended NEPO 2019 and shared relevant topics, trend, best practices, and insights to help them provide the highest quality care for their patients. This year's theme of “Standing Up for Health Care in California” was never more relevant. Attendees included physicians, public health professionals, advocates, and community leaders as they tackled policy for reducing health disparities, building diversity in the workforce, and increasing cultural competency in clinical care. Thank you to Lupe Alonzo-Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Physicians for a Healthy California and her team for making this a historic NEPO conference!


As part of our efforts to provide the best membership portfolio, we are in conversations with a billing company and a patient health management company. Early discussions with MedPay, based in Irvine provides robust billing expertise for private practices while VIP Remote Health features a smart health band/ watch device, HIPAA compliant physician dashboard, App and fall sensor technology for patients that physicians can prescribe and covered by Medicare and most PPO plans.

Stay tuned for more details on these two potential LACMA preferred partnerships.

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As most of you know, we’ve been focused on growing membership and creating the optimum experience for our members. We are also building alliances to address the vaping epidemic, gun violence, and homelessness, to see how physicians can make a difference. One way we are impacting homelessness in Los Angeles is by delivering new technology to the Skid Row Housing Trust in the form of a telemedicine kiosk to serve those who face mental and physical health challenges, addiction and social isolation. The kiosk, represented by one of LACMA’s partners, InHealth helps assess patient vitals and creates a bridge to a medical home. While LACMA can’t solve the homelessness crisis, we can at least bring attention to how technology can be a resource for those living in managed housing. I will provide updates on these and other discussions going forward.



It's finally here!

Join us for the 2019 Young Physicians Networking Mixer hosted by the Young Physicians Committee and District 1.

It’s time to recharge and reconnect with friends and colleagues, or make new ones!  All in a relaxed environment overlooking the bright lights of the Downtown LA Live scene. Enjoy food, beverages, great company, and entertainment!

LACMA has hosted the young physician mixer every year for almost a decade. This event is FREE for LACMA/CMA members.  Nonmembers are $20.

RSVP by September 6th Mixer.

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Optimizing Provider Enrollment with Noridian (OPEN) Conference

Noridian, California’s Medicare contractor, is hosting a two-day provider enrollment conference—the Optimizing Provider Enrollment with Noridian (OPEN) Conference—September 18-19, 2019, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Noridian provider enrollment professionals will show you how to:

  • Connect with the right provider enrollment resources
  • Submit provider enrollment applications online
  • Complete revalidation
  • Improve application efficiency
You’ll also network with peers in round table discussions facilitated by Noridian to:
  • Learn how others are solving provider enrollment challenges
  • Build relationships with your peers
  • Get answers to your specific questions
  • Share your concerns and ideas with Noridian

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