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Monday Rx: MD Burnout, 16 for 12 Membership and 149th Installation

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COVID-19 and MD Burnout


September means different things to different folks: Traditionally the start of Fall, local medical school academic calendars are in full stride, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. COVID-19 has altered our collective realities on a variety of levels as we strive for a reduction in cases with daily hospitalizations for September near 800 with 10 deaths per day for the month so far. Death rates for Hispanics/Latinos are 87 per 100,000 while Black/African Americans are 63 deaths per 100,000 and Asians are at 43 per 100,000. Sobering news as families, communities and medical providers continue to be impacted. From a physician's perspective, the pandemic has had devastating results relative to physician burnout. CMA launched Care 4 Caregivers Now (C4CN) in March to help health care workers manage the unprecedented emotional burnout endured by responding to the COVID-19 crisis. With the coronavirus impacting society for the foreseeable future, C4CN expanded its mission this month to help more health care workers struggling with any stress-related challenge or who simply want to take action to feel more empowered.

C4CN provides free and confidential peer coaching from trained medical practitioners who understand the rigors and emotional stresses of the profession – and who know the value of a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space. Many peer coaches utilize the program and receive ongoing support because of the value they receive from it.

To learn more, sign up for coaching or become a peer coach, call (800) 241-2466; or reach out to Erin Henke at


LACMA Call to Action: Why We Need to Deliver Value and Grow Especially in Crisis

This month also means membership outreach season for LACMA. For members, it is time to renew and for non-members, we are offering “16 for 12” program whereby physicians can get 16 months of membership for the price of a 12-month membership. Active members who refer new members also qualify for one-year free membership if they refer 5 new members. Our goal, even in the middle of the most chaotic time in our lifetime, remains to sustain membership (deliver value) and grow membership through partnerships. It would be unprecedented if LACMA membership actually grew during the difficult year. Each week we will recognize our own members who helped us grow in 2020.


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Alliance with LANES

Proud to announce that LACMA is exploring a partnership with LANES, the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) which is an independent, non-profit health information organization serving the provider community in Los Angeles from the largest hospital systems to the smallest health centers and physician practices. What is truly exciting about LACMA and LANES forming an alliance is our ability to coordinate and educate physicians whether they are in solo and small practices or clinic to group and hospital settings. LANES has developed a central repository of clinical data that brings patient health information together from multiple sources and disparate systems. LANES facilitates the secure transmission and sharing of patient health data for use at the point-of-care, care coordination, and post-acute care activities.

The alliance is important for another reason: CMA shared last week how the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has launched a new effort to boost the use of health information technology by providers. The California Health Information Exchange Onboarding Program (Cal-HOP) will provide $50 million in funding to Qualified Health Information Organizations (QHIOs) to pay for much of the onboarding costs for providers.

Cal-HOP will enable QHIOs to provide direct assistance to individual practices and hospitals that seek to leverage a health information exchange to improve care coordination, engage with public health resources and enhance patient outcomes through the use of comprehensive clinical data. LANES will be authorized to distribute grant funds up to $100,000 for qualified hospitals and $25,000 for qualified clinics. Grant funding covers electronic health record vendor costs to integrate with the HIE.


Historic Installation Goes 100% Virtual


The 149th President and Officers Installation is 9 days away! The entire, first-ever immersive experience will be virtual. Visit and register for the event, donate to support a medical student, sponsor the event and support our new leadership.

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Devastating Fires: How LACMA Can Help


If you know of any physicians impacted by fires in the region, please let me know. We’ve reached out to LA Fire to offer assistance from bottled water to volunteers if needed.

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