MondayRx: Physician Protection From COVID-19 Lawsuits, Private Practice Support and Dr. Kaplan Tribute.

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Legislation to Protect Physicians From Unfair Lawsuits During COVID-19

California Medical Association in conjunction with the American Medical Association and 42 other state, specialty, and national medical associations representing hundreds of thousands of physicians sent a letter to Congressional leaders, urging them to pass legislation to protect physicians from unfair lawsuits during COVID-19 pandemic.
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COVID-19 Update


California is currently moving into the third stage of Governor Gavin Newsom's four-stage plan to gradually reopen the state amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no official date for when the fourth stage will begin, but some counties are charting their own path to reopening independently of the state's guidelines. Newsom's plan is based on metrics measuring the spread of the virus in each county. It leaves much open for interpretation, allowing counties to differ widely in how they implement it. The governor recently approved reopening movie theaters and gyms. Religious places of worship can hold events to 25% of capacity or up to 100 attendees.

Los Angeles County

10,098,052 residents 73,791 cases 2,926 deaths County order: Safer at home order until further notice. 

Face coverings: Residents ordered to wear face coverings in public and at essential businesses.

Essential retail: Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and post offices, etc. are open.

Retail: Indoor and outdoor retail shopping can reopen at 50% capacity.

Restaurants: Dine-in restaurants reopened, but only household members per table.

Bars: Bars closed.

Lifestyle: Gyms, museums, zoos, professional sports without audiences, swimming pools, golf courses, drive-in movie theaters, barbershops and hair salons reopened.

Parks: Trails and county parks reopened, as well as campgrounds and RV parks. State park campgrounds, parking lots and indoor facilities closed.

Beaches: Beaches are open for ocean activities, walking/running and now lounging. Most beach parking lots, piers, boardwalks and some beach accessways in the county are closed.

Schools: Most K-12 schools are distance learning. Colleges online only.

Government: Open only for essential functions.

Houses of worship: Some houses of worship reopened at reduced capacity.

Gatherings: Only allowed with members of your household.


Continued Help for Private Practices


Today, LACMA, in partnership with the LACMA districts and Patient Care Foundation will provide $100,000 in funding for practices in need, minority practices and those serving communities of color. Additionally, thanks to our partnership with the districts, we will be able to hold two more PPE curbside pick up events later this Summer.

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Tribute to Dr. Kaplan


It is with deep sorrow that I share the passing of Dr. Marvin Kaplan. The first time I met Dr. Kaplan was at the first board meeting I was part of in 2016. He said. “If there is anything you need, just let me know.” I will never forget those words. He served on the LACMA Delegation, led policy efforts, mentored countless physicians and was truly dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients. The last time I spoke with him was at House of Delegates late last year which he enjoyed so much being part of advocating on behalf of patients and physicians.

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“Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

Gustavo Friederichsen
Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles County Medical Association
“If it matters to our LACMA members, it matters to me.”