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Offer and Automate Clinical Trials with SiteRx

TRx July 27 Site Rx.png

Los Angeles County Medical Association is Proud to Partner with SiteRx! 

SiteRx makes it easy and rewarding for primary care doctors and neurologists to offer clinical research as an additional care option for neurodegenerative disease. Using HIPAA secure software, SiteRx automates the patient matching and referral process associated with accessing clinical trials.

Once the physician approves a match, patient consent is captured, and the SiteRx Patient Experience Team helps the patient register with the trial. SiteRx unlocks ancillary revenue for providers without the risk of becoming a principal investigator or hiring staff.

Watch the explainer video here

Our CEO and Founder, Seth Goodman, grew up watching his father dedicate his life to Alzheimer’s disease patients and their families, devoting all of his time to care and research. Seth founded SiteRx to make his father’s life easier and with a mission to increase transparency and access for patients.

SiteRx is currently free for LACMA providers! To learn more and review active clinical trials, contact your Clinical Research Advocate today.