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Offer and Automate Clinical Trials with SiteRx

Los Angeles County Medical Association is Proud to Partner with SiteRx! 

What is SiteRx?

SiteRx was founded with one goal in mind: enhance access to clinical research for patients with neurological disease. By combining HIPAA secure technology with attentive customer support, SiteRx is working to improve transparency and diversity in the clinical trials.

What does this mean for LACMA Doctors?

As partners of LACMA, SiteRx is proud to offer LACMA members enhanced access to clinical research, at no cost. Connect with us, register for SiteRx, and we’ll help you identify patients who may be a strong fit for clinical trials. Our technology enhances access to available trials, allowing physicians to spend more time with patients and enabling additional care options. The SiteRx team is here every step of the way to help simplify the otherwise complicated and challenging clinical trials enrollment process.

Questions for the SiteRx team?