Tuesday Partner Rx: Automate the Management of Licenses and Certifications While Maximizing Your Practice’s Revenue

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Automate the Management of Medical Licenses and Certifications While Matching up the Proper Education for Your Needs

Dr. Ian Madom, CEO and Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, and Dr. George Fernaine, interventional cardiologist, identified the pain point of not having the tools to manage all the non-clinical work that exists in healthcare. They founded Mocingbird, to create a clinician-centric solution that allows clinicians to focus on what matters most, taking care of patients. Learn more about Mocingbird’s vision and plans for the future on their blog, here.


LACMA is excited to partner with Mocingbird, a physician-founded SaaS Continuing Medical Education (CME) management platform for administrators and clinicians to automate the management of medical licenses and certifications while matching up the proper education the clinician needs. Turning complicated requirements into easy tasks. From state licenses, and board certifications, to other expiring credentials, Mocingbird covers it all.

Managing your CE/CMEs in two steps:

  1. Upload your licenses and CE certificates into Mocingbird
  2. Learn.

Mocingbird makes license renewal and CME compliance efficient, accurate, and easy.

See Mocingbird in Action

You will know exactly what CME requirements are due by when to stay compliant. When you upload your completed CME certifications, Mocingbird will automatically categorize, calculate and apply the credits to where it’s due. Mocingbird also provides CME recommendations on the Learning Center, so instead of trying to “figure out” which CME can be used to fulfill which requirements, Mocingbird does it all for you.

Talk to our team if you think Mocingbird is right for your organization or sign up today at

Maximize Your Practice’s Revenue with Physician-Designed RCM Technology

Who Is Gentem?

Gentem provides AI-powered billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions with customizable workflows. We’re led by a Stanford-educated physician, Fisayo Ositelu, MD, and former Facebook engineer Manny Akintayo. Fisayo and Manny are on a mission to revive this country’s private medical practices by providing an easy-to-use platform that helps clinicians get paid on time and in full.

Gentem Features:

  • Personalized patient estimates, statements and messages that you customize to fit your practice and patient population, strengthening your brand and increasing payments.
  • Detailed analytics and KPI management tools that provide insight into your business’s financial performance, giving you the knowledge to optimize and grow your practice.
  • Real-time eligibility checks that return 97% accuracy on average, improving your claim submission and increasing reimbursement.
  • Payable patient estimates that you can send via HIPAA-compliant text or email, helping increase upfront patient payments.
  • Integration with all EHRs and PM systems that saves you time and reduces costly errors from manual data transfer.


Benefits for LACMA Members:

Get a free, comprehensive business review for your practice with Gentem RCM/billing experts — a $5,000 value!

  • We’ll analyze your cash flow, denials, collections, A/R and give you a full report on key performance indicators.
  • We’ll also compare your practice to others in the industry (as well as standard Gentem benchmarks) and provide recommendations.



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