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Tuesday Partner Rx: Get Help With Credentialing, Compliance and Accreditation in Your Practice

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Medtrainer Helps Practices with Credentialing, Compliance and Accreditation

LACMA has partnered with MedTrainer to revolutionize the healthcare industry. MedTrainer helps deliver affordable learning, compliance, credentialing and accreditation tools with support for practices within one platform. MedTrainer has over 2,500 customers representing over 15,000 healthcare locations and supports over 300,000 healthcare professionals. They maintain a blend of technology and human-assisted support which has led to something unique in the software industry.


Learn more about MedTrainer’s all-in-one healthcare suite:

MT | Learning - Healthcare Course Library.

Staff will be able to access the MedTrainer learning library from any phone or computer. The library has over 500 courses designed to keep your staff well informed with the latest information. Bundle courses or create your own using their leading-edge software.

Be well prepared for compliance officers with HIPAA and OSHA training reports at hand, promptly available inside a secured system.


MT | Credentialing - Credentialing is now easier than ever.

MedTrainer’s all-in-one healthcare suite will manage all aspects of the credentialing process in a simplified, user-friendly and secured location. Managing the credentialing process is easier than ever with MedTrainer’s QuickCred system.


MT | Compliance - Healthcare compliance built into one easy-to-use product.

Manage compliance using a reliable cloud-based system. Staff members will be able to collaborate on an all-in-one system and be readily available for all internal audits.

Streamline your process today by scheduling a consultation or to learn more contact Buck Buckland:


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