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Tuesday Partner Rx: Introducing Aledade!

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Los Angeles County Medical Association is Proud to Partner with Aledade! 

Aledade was founded in 2014 with a simple, but radical, idea: that primary care practices are in the best position to lead the nation’s shift from fee-for-service to a value-based health care system. With that mission in mind, Aledade established a new model of primary care in which the company partners with independent practices, health centers, and clinics to build and lead Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) anchored in primary care.

ACOs are groups of providers who assume responsibility for the health care quality and cost-efficiency of a designated patient population. In an ACO, practices continue to receive payments for their services– but also receive a share of any savings from preventing unnecessary Emergency Department visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary procedures. Referring to high-value, lower-cost specialists – and having physicians on call to redirect patients who would otherwise go to the hospital – can have huge savings implications for an ACO.

Nationwide, Aledade’s ACOs are empowering physicians and clinicians so they can stay independent, practice medicine like they’ve always wanted to, and thrive financially while keeping their patients and communities healthy. And the Aledade model is working: physician-led ACOs are reducing health care costs, improving outcomes for patients, uncovering new revenue opportunities and diversifying revenue streams beyond fee-for-service through value-based care.

Aledade now partners with over 800 independent primary care practices including more than 100 federally-qualified health centers, comprising more than 8,000 physicians and non physician providers in 32 states. Through this nationwide network of independent practices, Aledade practices manage roughly $12 billion in health care spending through 35 Medicare and 51 other value-based contracts and care for nearly 1.2 million patients. And this year, Aledade projects it will help independent primary care practices earn more than $83 million in shared savings for their performance in 2020.

Aledade partners with independent primary care physicians to provide everything they need to create and run an ACO, including:

  • Guided ACO initiatives and clinical support to help practices improve patient care and generate shared savings
  • Customized EHR optimization and workflow redesign support from a team of Aledade EHR experts
  • Boots-on-the-ground support from a team of local practice transformation specialists
  • Open communication and transparency with partners
  • A technology platform and analytical tools to help practices manage their patient populations
  • In-office practice transformation support
  • Mature relationships with a range of EHR vendors
  • Insider’s understanding of a complex regulatory environment

Aledade partners with physicians who are passionate about improving patient outcomes in a value-based payment model and:

  • Utilize a certified EHR
  • Care for 250 or more Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries
  • Accept Medicare

Discover the value of participating in an Aledade physician-led ACO by calculating your primary care practice’s potential shared savings revenues, by clicking here. Here is a link for an upcoming webinar, click here to register.

Reminder: We have a dedicated COVID-19 resource page for all providers, physicians and community based organizations affected by the global pandemic.

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