Tuesday Partner Rx: Welcome to Telehealth 2.0!

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Telehealth 2.0!

The CareClix Enterprise Virtual Care Management Platform transcends simple video visits for common conditions by incorporating all of the technologies, capabilities, and workflows necessary to stand-up a virtual hospital, clinic, or private practice.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. John Korangy, a practicing Neuroradiologist and technology innovator, the CareClix platform is the ONLY telehealth solution to incorporate a wide-range of virtual care capabilities into a single, seamless, and secure cloud-based platform. CareClix is consistently a top-rated telehealth company serving over 20 million patients, in 34 countries, and all 50 states.

The CareClix Enterprise Virtual Care Management Platform is highly scalable and can easily adapt to changing business needs and healthcare requirements. Providers can readily add new virtual services to help build their brands, maximize reimbursements, and improve patient outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction.

Some of the features that LACMA members and their patients would benefit from are:

  • 24/7/365 access to urgent, primary, and after-hours care. Anytime and anywhere.
  • Simple access via any mobile device or PC/Mac using only a cell or internet connection.
  • Simple install; up and running in a couple of hours.
  • National network of 2,500 top physicians covering 26 specialties for consults/second opinions.
  • Ability to stand-up a local network of specialists for referrals in the LA area.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring of chronic conditions via 200+ devices.
  • On-board EMR and integration with multiple EMRs and HIEs for a complete view of the patient and accurate RAF.
  • In-app scheduling; ePrescribing and Rx delivery.
  • In-home lab test kits and COVID testing.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to help maximize your virtual care efforts.
  • Product white-label with your brand, and EMR and portal integration.

CareClix has been fully vetted by LACMA and we have negotiated special pricing just for LACMA members. CareClix is committed to help LACMA members provide better healthcare access, equity, and outcomes for all patients in the LA area.

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Reminder: We have a dedicated COVID-19 resource page for all providers, physicians and community based organizations affected by the global pandemic.

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