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Tuesday Rx: COVID-19 Update, Playbook, Vaccine Updates and LACMA Tech Partners

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Tuesday Rx

January 26, 2021

COVID-19 Update: Help for Practices

As part of its efforts to protect physician practices that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, CMA has partnered with a coalition—including business groups, health care providers and Assemblymember Autumn Burke—to sponsor a bill (AB 281) that would conform California law with recent changes to federal law that allows the deduction of expenses paid with forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans.


Conforming state law to the federal loan guidelines will help physician practices keep their doors open to ensure Californians can have access to a physician when they need one. In addition, it will help keep physician offices staffed at a time when state unemployment levels are more than double what they were before the pandemic hit. Statewide, 56% of practices report their staffing levels have not returned to normal. In addition to providing vital medical care to patients, physician practices play an important role in local economies, helping to sustain jobs and economic viability during these uncertain times. To learn more click here.

LACMA COVID-19 Playbook

Members can access the latest information relative to vaccine sites, volunteer options and more in our LACMA COVID-19 Playbook.

View Here 

CalVax and California Immunization Registry (CAIR) and What We Know and Don’t Know

The CalVax registration system (the state COVID-19 vaccine registration and ordering system) is not yet open to all interested providers but rather prioritized to those that will receive vaccine now during constrained supply. Learn more here.


Any provider can enroll in CAIR now (which is a requirement of participating in the state COVID-19 vaccine program), though they are prioritizing processing of these enrollments based on direction from the local public health office to expedite CalVax registration.


To access the LAC DPH Checklist on both receiving and administering the vaccine supply click here.


Latest on Physician Appointments


Unfortunately, the LAC DPH site is not taking new appointments due to a lack of supply, only processing existing ones. When supplies are available for physicians, LACMA will send out a new Alert.


Learn more here.

Latest on Public Appointments

A limited number of vaccination appointments for this week are available, including at the 5 large vaccination sites. Go to and book an appointment for:

  • Pomona Fairplex
  • CSUN
  • The Forum
  • Magic Mountain
  • County Office of Education (Downey, CA)


Source: The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health 

California Department of Public Health Letter

Last Friday, Dr. Tomas Aragon, CDPH Director and State Health Officer, sent local health officers and vaccine providers some new guidance allowing CDPH and Local Health Officers (LHO) to recover unused COVID-19 vaccine from registered providers in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program that have not used at least 65% of the Program vaccine in their possession for more than one week.


Here is a link to the letter: View Here

LACMA New Technology Partners

We are pleased to share that LACMA has nearly ten new partners to make the practice of medicine and life easier and in this edition of Tuesday Rx will share six of them added to the LACMA Benefits Portfolio.



Category: Physician Recruiting

Description: Adaptive Medical Partners is committed to provide long-term solutions for your permanent physician recruitment needs, filling needs with organizations from private practice, to large health systems and everything in between.

Contact and Web Site: Ed Lopez ( / Visit Website



Category: Telehealth

Description: CareClix is a leading virtual healthcare solution company that provides software applications coupled with medical services enabling patients to receive care anytime at anyplace. CareClix's suite of services is revolutionizing the way hospitals, doctors, and clinical care providers can interact with an increasing number of patients. CareClix Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solei Systems Inc. (OTC: SOLI).

Contact and Web Site: Sal Lobianco ( / View Website



Category: Car Buying

Description: CarBlip is a car buying and leasing platform that provides customers with a completely personalized car buying experience without ever having to visit a dealership. Through their car configurator, customers are able to build their ideal car exactly how they want it. The CarBlip Concierge Team will then locate all options that match preferences. Each customer is provided with a dedicated concierge who will guide them through the entire process from negotiation to delivery.

Contact and Web Site: Eric Brooks ( / View Website



Category: Real Estate

Description: Josh Brenner with COMPASS represents local families, property owners, entertainment industry personalities, professional athletes, business managers, developers, investors, lenders, and many others. His wide range of experience and expertise in various facets of the industry has given him the “edge” in successfully marketing and selling area properties in any price range or economic condition.

Contact and Web Site: Josh Brenner ( / View Website



Category: Student Loans

Description: JUNO uses group buying power to negotiate with lenders to get the best interest rates available. Think student loans, with a volume discount. While JUNO members continue to grow, their negotiations occur in the spring. They then send members a special link to access the lender that offers the lowest rates.

Contact and Web Site: Nick Talamelli ( / View Website



Category: CME Requirements

Description: MOCINGBIRD is a cloud-based platform that simplifies ongoing licensing and continuing education requirements - your extended virtual assistant that ensures licensure compliance for your clinicians. Specifically, MOCINGBIRD delivers clarity on complex and confusing rules and regulations, a streamlined platform to keep all your clinicians’ ongoing credentialing documentation, automated tracking and credit calculation for each requirement, Industry-leading security to ensure that your information is always safe and a CME marketplace with high-quality relevant content from accredited providers

Contact and Web Site: Scott Duarte ( / View Website

Next week we will feature, SiteRx, Capsule among others!

LACMA President Dr. Diana Shiba Featured on NBC 4

Yesterday, our LACMA President Dr. Diana Shiba was featured on NBC 4 as she shared her experience in the COVID-19 ICU.

Officer Dr. Jerry Abraham LA Times Feature

LACMA Secretary Dr. Jerry Abraham was featured in Los Angeles Times on Saturday. Learn more about his feature here.

Be a Part of LACMA's Historic 150th Book Cover

Thank you for submitting your photos! As we celebrate 150 years of the Los Angeles County Medical Association's existence, we want to share this historic moment with our dedicated LACMA members.


It would be wonderful to see the many different faces of L.A. County. We are launching a campaign to collect images of our physicians and health care workers on the frontlines wearing PPE or receiving a vaccine. 


Every photo counts! Your photo may be featured on the cover of our 150th book.


If you have any issues submitting your photo, please reply back to this email. 

Submit Here

Free On-Demand Webcast: Working with Your Medical Staff for Better Outcomes

Physicians can't do it all themselves, and sometimes their office staff go beyond the scope of their duties which can open the door to increased medical liability risk. In the on-demand webcast, Patient Safety Beyond the Examining Room Door: Managing Your Medical Office and Staff, Gordon Ownby, General Counsel at the Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP), shares case studies highlighting how medical offices can reduce risk by establishing protocols, conducting ongoing training, and maintaining awareness of what occurs in the medical practice. 

View the Webcast Now

For more than 20 years Gordon Ownby has written his column "Case of the Month," summarizing real medical malpractice case studies. These cases share the kind of lessons that physicians don't necessarily learn in medical school, but will have to acquire as they continue with their practices.

This webcast will help physicians:

  • Describe the basic elements of a medical negligence lawsuit.
  • Discuss how missed communications between staff and physician can create patient safety risk.
  • Explain how well-intentioned staff who do too much or work independently creates new risk.
  • Learn the importance of knowing what is going on in the medical office from case examples.

As a leading provider of superior medical malpractice coverage in California for more than 40 years, CAP remains committed to providing secure and affordable protection supplemented by an extensive array of risk and practice management benefits and resources like these free webinars. To learn more about becoming a CAP member, please call 800-356-5672, or email MD@CAPphysicians.comRequest an Instant Quote today to see how much you can save on medical malpractice coverage through CAP.

New Laws 2021

Please join this webinar as CMA's General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs, Francisco Silva, will discuss the new 2021 laws that are affecting physicians and their practices, highlight pending health legislation, and explain CMA’s legal resources.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Register Here


GME Webinar Series: Expand or Create New Residency Programs?

This is the sixth webinar in our series, "A Primer on Designing GME in Rural Clinical Facilities," which offers innovative technical advice and solutions to meet rural California’s critical access to care needs. This webinar will provide an overview of the ACGME’s geographical limitations and strategies to determine if expansion, creation or consortium is the best route to grow the local physician workforce.

Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2021

Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Register Here


Save the Date

The Patient Care Foundation’s annual LA Healthcare Awards will be taking place virtually on April 16, 2021. 

For more information, click here


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