A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the LACMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community

Latino Physicians

In 2012, LACMA announced the formation of it’s first-ever Latino Physicians Advisory Committee with Dr. Hector Flores chairing the group, Flores is chairman of the Family Practice Department at White Memorial Medical Center and co-director of the hospital’s Family Practice Residency Program.  An advocate in cultural competency in health care, Dr. Flores is a frequent panelist and speaker on such topics as developing High-performing health care systems, payment innovation, family medicine, the need for culturally relevant care, and the effect of diversity on health care quality.

With the Affordable Care Act, an estimated additional 500,000 Los Angeles County residents, mostly Latinos, will qualify for medical insurance by the year 2014. This expansion, compounded with a shortage of physicians, will strain the capacity of the Los Angeles County health care system. One of the main goals of the new committee will be to increase the number of Latino physicians in Los Angeles County. “I look forward to leading LACMA’s Latino Physicians Advisory Committee,” Flores said. “We will be a committee action-focused on addressing the needs of patients and improving the health care systems to better serve disadvantaged communities.”