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Networking & Leadership Development

Engage in your membership and with others. Members have free access to one of the most powerful networks of physicians, medical community leaders, media opportunities, and leadership positions.

You can be a highly active leader who analyzes and develops policy, or you can simply use your membership to stay abreast of important issues and enjoy the many benefits included with your membership.

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Members have free access to a year-round calendar of local educational events, mixers, and recognition programs. View our past and upcoming events.

Leadership Opportunities

House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is the policy-making body of the California Medical Association and one of the best way for members to influence and write healthcare policy. Members may work with or serve on LACMA’s delegation to the CMA which meets quarterly via phone conference and in person.


Members are welcome to join local leadership boards, serve in elected positions and more to help protect the physician-patient relationship and health of our communities.

LACMA’s elections take place every spring. Members may nominate themselves or other members to serve in elected positions on the LACMA Board, the LACMA delegation to the CMA and Executive Committee. Learn more.

Legislative Key Contact/Physician Advocate Program

As a legislative key contact and physician advocate, members have the opportunity to build relationships and communicate with local and state elected officials to ensure lawmakers’ decisions are guided by medical experts.

As someone who serves on the front lines of health care delivery, elected officials and policymakers need to hear your voice to make informed policy, legislation and regulations. Educating elected officials and policymakers is one of the most time-efficient and effective ways to advocate for your patients, colleagues and profession and no experience is needed to participate!

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