Representing Your Interests

The LACMA ensures local physicians have
a voice in shaping healthcare policy

Influence Policy

The best way for members to get involved in influencing policy is to join the LACMA delegation to the CMA House of Delegates and/or submit a resolution.

Is there a health-related issue that you or your local community feel especially concerned about? Are you passionate about particular public health issues? Are you frustrated with laborious documentation procedures?

Here is how to write a resolution and change the future of medicine in LA County and California.

Who Can Author and Introduce Resolutions?

Any physician member may author a resolution. Resolutions can only be introduced, however, by a delegate, alternate delegate, component medical society or delegation, CMA section or mode of practice forum, the CMA Board of Trustees, or a CMA-recognized specialty society.

Members who are not delegates or alternate delegates should contact us for assistance in identifying an appropriate channel for getting their resolution introduced.

Subject Matter of Resolutions

Resolutions can address virtually any medical practice or health-related topic, or any aspect of the policies and activities of organized medicine. Prior to writing a resolution, authors should review LACMA’s current policy agenda. Resolutions that reiterate existing policy are assigned to a “Reaffirmation Calendar,” are not discussed or debated, and ultimately are not a productive commitment of time.


Resolutions are submitted, debated and decided upon on a quarterly basis. When resolutions are under consideration during this year-round process, they can be reviewed and debated online.

At the annual in-person meeting of the House of Delegates, your elected representatives will tackle a select number of “Major Issues” – some of the most important, pressing matters facing physicians and the practice of medicine. These issues are selected by a committee composed of the Chairs of each Delegation. Reports detailing the “Major Issues” will be posted for online debate, at least 30 days prior to the Annual Session. View the year-round resolutions and annual meeting reports here.