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AB 890 Passes Legislation. What's Next?

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Dear LACMA Members, 


Please see the CMA announcement below regarding last night’s passage of AB 890 in the legislature and our ongoing, collective, and unwavering efforts to continue to advocate for patient safety and patient access to the highest quality of care.   Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information.
Thank you for all of your assistance and frontline efforts in communicating with legislators to express opposition to this bill throughout this session.

Dr. Diana Shiba
President LACMA 

Dear CMA Members:

Last night, the California State Legislature concluded a tumultuous legislation session. And while I could list several positive outcomes, I want to address the legislation on everyone’s mind, Assembly Bill 890 (Wood), and talk about next steps.

For years, the California Medical Association has been able to defeat similar measures in the State Legislature. Despite our best efforts, that was not the case in 2020. And while I cannot provide a situational analysis in this mass communication, there are ongoing, thorough discussions occurring both among CMA staff and with the physician leaders of the organization.

So, what now? We fight on, because your patients, and all Californians, deserve quality, physician-led care.

First, we will request that the Governor veto the AB 890. Our request will be accompanied by an emailed call to action that will allow you to express your opposition to the measure. Then, if necessary, we move the fight into the regulatory and implementation process.

AB 890 cannot be implemented until it has gone through an extensive regulatory process. The regulatory process is a different venue in which several of the concerns raised in the Legislature must be addressed. It provides the opportunity to mitigate the foreseeable harm to patients because of this flawed measure and gives physicians another opportunity to let their voices and their concerns be heard.

Know that CMA takes no solace in the claims that AB 890 is the most stringent nurse practitioner law in the nation. Our unwavering goal and continued expectation is to ensure that every patient in California, regardless of income or geography, has access to quality, physician-led care. Hard Stop.

While the passage of AB 890 represents a notable set-back, it is far from the end of this fight to ensure patient safety. We have faced this situation before with other allied health professionals and CMA has found a means to ensure patient care remains physician led. This set back is not greater than our collective resolve. It’s not greater than your collective passion for quality patient care. CMA will continue to ensure the voices of all of you, and your patients, are heard, both in the Capitol and among those who regulate and oversee the practice of medicine. Through this moment, we will fight on!

In Unity!

Janus L. Norman
Senior Vice President
California Medical Association

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