Monday Rx | Legislative Advocacy Day, Gun Violence, LACMA Districts + Upcoming Webinars

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49th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day! 

It’s Legislative Advocacy Week! The LACMA delegation of almost 30 participants will meet with policymakers in Sacramento on Wednesday, April 19, to discuss bills that impact the practice of medicine and overall patient care.  

For example:

  • Assembly Bill 765 (Wood) aims to protect patients from being treated by unqualified practitioners by making it illegal for non-physicians to use specific titles or descriptions suggesting they are a physician. The purpose is to prevent potential harm to patients and ensure that only licensed physicians are allowed to use certain terms. CMA supports AB 765.
  • Senate Bill 598 (Skinner) aims to improve patient access to healthcare services by preventing health insurance companies from requiring prior authorization if a contracted health professional has a high approval rate of prior authorization requests. The bill would streamline the process, improve patient outcomes, and make physician practices more efficient. CMA supports SB 598.
  • Assembly Bill 1570 (Low) would allow certified optometrists to perform advanced procedures if they meet certain requirements, but it also expands the crime of perjury for educators and course administrators. While the bill seeks to expand optometrists' scope of practice, it raises concerns about accountability and reporting.  CMA opposes AB 1570.
  • Assembly Bill 1751 (Gipson) would require prescribers to discuss specific information with patients before dispensing or issuing opioid prescriptions, offer a referral for nonpharmacological treatments for pain, and obtain consent. Although the intention is to promote alternative pain management options, it may introduce additional burdens on prescribers and patients. CMA opposes this bill.
  • Senate Bill 524 (Caballero) would allow pharmacists to perform specific medical tests and provide prescription medications based on the results. However, there are concerns about expanding the scope of pharmacists' practice and maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality. CMA opposes this bill.

If you would like to get involved with advocacy, join LACPAC, or have any questions about the slate of bills, contact Henry Rogers, LACMA government relations consultant:  


Another Mass Shooting


As the public health crisis continues, and recent shootings in Kentucky, Tennessee, and now Alabama that left 4 dead and almost 30 injured, LACMA will continue to educate physicians on the issues of gun violence. We are partnering with LA Care to better inform medical practices thru LACMA’s innovative Project See Change platform, which features the latest information, such as the recent CBS poll on school shootings. To learn more, visit

I’d like to hear your thoughts as well. Should medical associations be more proactive on gun violence? 

CLICK HERE To learn more and see the entire CBS/YouGov Poll.


Districts Meeting


Tonight the District Financial Oversight Committee will be convening to discuss a plan to revitalize the LACMA districts that includes educational workshops and in-person networking events. If you’re not sure what district you belong to, click HERE to learn more. 

Spring General Meeting


The Los Angeles County Medical Association is holding its 152nd Annual Election this coming June. Active members of LACMA and CMA have the privilege of nominating and voting for their preferred candidates for any vacant position.

This is an exciting time of year as members who are interested in holding a leadership position or who would like to become more involved in shaping healthcare policy at the local and state level should review current vacancies and submit nominations for themselves or other members to Lisa Le at

Members are also invited to participate in the Annual Spring General Meeting held on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, from 6:45 pm-7:00 pm. This meeting is the last chance for members to submit nominations for the 2023 Election. Please note that the only item of business will be the elections. Can’t participate? Members may be nominated for any elective office by a petition signed by at least five (5) members eligible to vote and sent to the LACMA offices prior to the start of the General Meeting. For more information on this year’s election, please click here. To RSVP, please email Lisa Le at

At the end of May, members can expect to receive a voting ballot via email. Please be sure to keep an eye out for your ballot and submit your vote!

Introduction to Value-Based Care for Physicians


The California Medical Association (CMA) Physician Services Organization (PSO) is proud to partner with Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) on providing this webinar and other resources to help physician practices, community health centers, and other stakeholders improve encounter data quality. REGISTER HERE

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2023

Location: Virtual | Time: 12:15 - 1:15 PM

Virtual Grand Rounds - After the Public Health Emergency: Post-COVID Clinical Care

The public health emergency is officially over in California, while May 11 marks the end of the federal public health emergency. How will this impact your practice and your patients? Join Erica Pan, M.D., MPH, and colleagues to hear about the state of COVID-19 in California and to learn how the end of the “emergency” changes care delivery in California and beyond.

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Location: Virtual | Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM


Getting Paid: A Physician’s Guide to Taking Charge of Your Accounts Receivable

This presentation outlines the makeup of, and challenges associated with, the effective management of accounts receivable (A/R) in the physician practice. Presented by one of CMA’s experienced practice management experts, the presentation will cover areas that significantly impact a practice’s A/R and suggestions on how to address those A/R challenges.

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2023

Location: Virtual

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM





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