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Member Thank You, Dignity and UC Health Partnership, LACMA 2020, and LACMA Event Recaps!

Member Thank You, Dignity and UC Health Partnership, LACMA 2020, and LACMA Event Recaps!

Thank You For Giving So Much

This week marks a time to be thankful, to spend time with family and friends, and to enjoy the season. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all physicians, across every corner of Los Angeles County, for making a difference in the lives of patients and communities. Your passion for medicine, despite all challenges, continues to keep the community we call home, healthier. On behalf of our board of directors, executive committee, districts, partners, and affiliates, thank you for all that you do. Don’t forget, if you want to get away for a few days, we have a unique partnership with the Four Seasons Resort in Westlake Village.

Experience Highlights

Simply let me know if you want more details. And, for those physicians living in or near downtown Los Angeles, LACMA is exploring a partnership with the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club that would give members 75% off the initiation fee, free trainer session, free fitness assessment, and discounts on rooms and amenities.

We’ve also begun conversations with Peloton. Founded in 2012, Peloton has melded technology and fitness to deliver a workout that consistently fits hectic physician schedules. The result is a world-class indoor cycling studio experience on a physician’s time and in the comfort of his/her own home. I will have an update in December or early January, so stay tuned!


Dignity and UC Health


Recently, Dignity Health and UC Health started conversations relative to partnering in the Bay Area, a collaboration that could have implications in Southern California in the future. More specifically, Dignity Health and UCSF Health have formalized an affiliation that will combine the best of academic medicine and community-based care, increasing access to high-quality, affordable care and improving the overall health care experience for patients in the San Francisco Bay Area. California Medical Association (CMA) President Peter N. Bretan, M.D., issued the following statement in response to the partnership between the University of California system and Dignity Health:

“CMA has been outspoken and even joined in legal battles when Dignity has fought to restrict access to care for certain patients, but we also understand that they are an important part of our statewide health care system and the largest provider of care to Medi-Cal recipients in the state. The action requested by the ACLU would hurt the state’s most vulnerable patients, and further restrict access to health care for low-income Californians.”


LACMA in 2020


Excited to share with members that we continue to replicate success in the form of growth, retention, and how to better serve our membership in 2020 and beyond. To that end, the Executive Committee will convene in early January to discuss the roadmap for the next five years; what needs to be done, what are the metrics, benchmarks and key performance indicators; what needs to improve and most importantly, are we reaching and supporting (delivering value) to our members? Both members and non-members alike share a common outcry: we need to reduce administrative burdens in their practices, support them in providing quality care and ensure they thrive amid industry consolidation.

We set out on a path in 2017 called “Charting the Course” and again in 2018 with “Staying the Course” and now that there are measurable outcomes (i.e., new members, higher retention and financial strength), the time is ideal for developing a new five year plan for sustained growth as we strive for 10,000 members in the not too distant future.

A few areas to focus on in the years to follow:

Advocate for every physician practice

Advocate for accessible health care and public health legislation

Fight for and promote a diverse physician workforce

Constantly look for innovative medical practice tools, support, and resources

Deliver practice solutions aimed at reducing physician burnout 


On Saturday, November 16th, the Women Physicians Issues and Advocacy Committee (WPIAC) met for their annual planning retreat.  Under Dr. Stephanie Booth’s leadership, the committee gathered to discuss this year’s activities as well as plan for 2020 and beyond.  Each year, the committee nominates outstanding women leaders in the medical community and recognizes them at the Celebration of Women in Medicine event in September.  Please be sure to look out for more information on this event in the coming months. 

If would like to share anything with the committee or if you are interested in joining the WPIAC, please reach out to Lisa Le for more information. 

Email Lisa

District 6/District 17

LACMA District 6/ District 17 welcomed Dr. Daniel Nathanson of Home Helpers Inc. to the Braemar Country Club in Tarzana.  Despite the cold and rainy weather, a good group of physicians, current members and retired, gathered over a delicious Italian dinner to hear a presentation on In-Home After Care.

 There were many questions for Dr. Nathanson both from physicians seeking information for their practice and on a personal level.  A retired physician in attendance mentioned, “This information is helpful because as we all grow older, we sometimes forget that the in-home care of a family member in need, may be too much for a parent, spouse, or adult child, to handle on their own”.  Towards the end of the presentation, the question was brought up that, if it would be possible to provide the In-Home After Care presentation to the office staff at private or group practices, to which Dr. Nathanson stated it would be a welcomed opportunity. 

In addition to Dr. Nathanson, we had Cheryl Bradley,  Associate Director of CMA Center for Economic Services provide information on Updates to MediCare for 2020 and beyond.  If you did not have the chance to attend this event and would like more information on the presentation and how to connect with the presenters,  please contact Vitelio via email or at 213-226-0307.  

Email Vitelio

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