Monday Rx: LA Healthcare Awards, HOD, Dr. Deen Message, Legislative Advocacy, Dues Renewal and Upcoming Events

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 It’s Time to Step Up and Support the Patient Care Foundation

The one event held each year, the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards, brought to you by the Patient Care Foundation, to benefit medical students facing economic hardship is November 4th, and as of this past weekend, only a handful of tickets have been purchased and few tables. Every year, for the past nine years, this event has drawn 200 attendees, and this year, the scholarship recipients represent Keck SOM of USC, David Geffen SOM at UCLA, and UC Riverside SOM. I will continue to make pleas to our leadership, membership, corporations, and organizations to support this incredible, invaluable, and life-changing event for these future physicians. 


Watch LACMA president Dr. Omer Deen’s unique message.



I want to personally thank the sponsors who stepped up, including Cooperative of American Physicians, Aledade, AMBA/Mercer, AltaMed Health Services, L.A. Care Health Plan, Larta Institute, Charles R. Drew University, Molina Healthcare, California Hospital Medical Center, Huntington Health, Keck SOM of USC and UCLA. To buy tickets or tables or refer any sponsors, contact, and a special thanks to Dr. Troy Elander, co-chair of the Patient Care Foundation and LACMA board member who has made it his mission to help students who face incredible odds. 

Join Us as We Recognize the 2022 Honorees!


Date: Friday, November 4, 2022

Time: 6:30 PM PDT

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills 300 Doheny Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90048

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House of Delegates Convenes at LA Live

This week is officially “House of Delegates” week at LA Live (Friday – Sunday) as the delegates from across the state convene in Los Angeles to discuss policy, legislation, and much more. Key topics this session include climate change, Medi-Cal payment parity, workforce, mental health, and health care reform, to name a few. Learn more.


 LA City Council

The horrific comments made by Los Angeles City Council members were unconscionable. LACMA posted a statement in response, and Dr. Omer Deen also shared his perspective. 




 Telehealth Takes Center Stage (again) as Winter Approaches

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, through CMA’s advocacy, both public and private health plans were pushed to expand their coverage and reimbursement for services provided via telehealth. As long as the nation continues to be in a public health emergency, all these policies remain in effect. Many practices, however, are concerned about what will happen with telehealth after the pandemic. Policymakers at the state and federal levels are making decisions that will shape the future of telehealth for years to come. This document summarizes what has already been done and provides some next steps that physicians can watch for throughout 2022. To review reimbursement options for physicians, click here.


 Calls with Policymakers Ramp Up

In the past two weeks, we have met with several key California Assembly members to share physician priorities. We will continue to share the challenges physicians and medical practices face in the wake of the pandemic. California Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio (left) focuses on diabetes prevention and education, and California Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (right) has made car-related injuries and fatalities her top priority.


It’s Time to Renew Your 2023 Membership Dues!



Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: 801 S Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA


How to Build a Profitable & High Growth Medical Practice

This is an exclusive invitation to a networking breakfast for Presidents, CEOs, Senior Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, and Owners of medical practices in Southern California that want to reach significant growth this year, sponsored by COSi, Cycle of Success Institute ( Feel free to bring 1-2 of your key managers.

Attendees will receive a free digital copy of the #1 Best Selling Business Book, “The Profit Pattern” by John Mautner, Founder, and CEO of COSi.


Breakfast will be served. Seating is limited to only the first 40 practices.

During the session, you and your team will:

  • Brainstorm and then capture $1,000,000+ of bottom-and top-line opportunities within your practice right now
  • Learn about advanced business tools, techniques, processes, and skills necessary to transform your operation into a profitable high-growth business
  • Discover step-by-step how to get your practice on the fastest path possible to growing patients, cash flow, and profitability, despite today’s economy
  • Learn how to empower your people to work together, growing revenue and profitability
  • Gain proven steps to creating teamwork, quality, communication, and accountability


Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022

Location: 801 S Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA


Free 20-Minute Fact Finding for COSi Boot Camp Program

Register now for a Free 20 Minute Fact Finding for COSi Boot Camp Program with Arie Shen, Regional President. 

We will show you how to quickly eliminate the problems that are keeping you from rapidly reaching your goals. Attendees will learn proven business tools and strategies that can help medical practices & healthcare organizations with less than 10 employees to improve profitability and growth significantly.

Date: Friday, October 21, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Marriott LA LIVE, Diamond Salon 10


Understanding the Climate Health Crisis & How Californian Physicians Can Make an Impact

This will be an engaging two-part panel discussion that will explore the health impacts of climate change in California and the opportunities for California's physicians to advance policy-level climate solutions with enormous public health co-benefits. Sponsored by Climate Health Now and the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy (CFEE) in coordination with CMA.

Please note: This event is available to attend either in-person or virtually via Zoom. During registration, please choose the registration option for how you intend to view this discussion. 



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