Tuesday Partner Rx: LACMA Partners With Physician Coach Support for Free Peer Support

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Tuesday Partner Rx | March 1, 2022

Physician Coach Support Provides LACMA Physicians With Free and Confidential Peer Support

LACMA has partnered with Physician Coach Support which is a free and confidential, physician-led platform in which any MD/ DO can access peer support seven days a week via Zoom.

Physician Coach Support was founded by a physician to help alleviate the stressors physicians deal with, by having the ability to easily speak to a peer in a confidential manner. All physicians in this platform are also certified life coaches so this allows you to speak to somebody that has been trained to help you gain some awareness of your thoughts or feelings that may be causing you suffering or distress.

Our skills as life coaches are different than of a friend, mentor or therapist and can be an option to get support. You may be frustrated with a colleague, or have noticed you get angry easily, maybe you are not sleeping well. You may be dealing with a complication, or you feel like an impostor or not good enough. All these thoughts can spiral into negativity and will not help you.

A peer can help you get insight and support as well as help you increase your cognitive capacity, your leadership and social skills by understanding how your thoughts are affecting you daily.

Physicians who have used it have stated:

“I did not know what to expect from this initial session and was impressed by the extent and depth of our conversation. Dr. DP was encouraging, persistent and a patient and insightful guide. I appreciate the new perspective on my cognition and am looking forward to growth and change.”

“I cannot thank you enough for doing this. So incredibly helpful and needed! The availability and ability to schedule this when I need has enabled me to maintain a grasp on my life and myself. I have had only positive experiences. Thank you so very much!”

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