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Year-Round Resolution Calendar: Reminder Deadline January 21, 2020

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January 21, 2020, is the next deadline to submit resolutions. Any CMA member may author a resolution. Resolutions can only be introduced, however, by a delegate, alternate delegate, component medical society or delegation, CMA section or mode of practice forum, the CMA Board of Trustees, or a CMA-recognized specialty society. Members who are not delegates or alternate delegates should contact their county medical society for assistance in identifying an appropriate channel for getting their resolution introduced.

Resolutions can address virtually any medical practice or health-related topic, or any aspect of the policies and activities of organized medicine. The Speaker of the House may return to authors resolutions deemed to be inflammatory, or which address social policy issues with no direct medical implications, as inappropriate for consideration as CMA policy. Rules also exclude commendation resolutions and resolutions calling for endorsement of or opposition to specific documents developed by outside (non-CMA) parties, including specific legislation cited by bill number and policy statements or documents developed by other organizations. Prior to writing a resolution, authors should consult the online CMA Policy Compendium to review existing CMA policy. Resolutions that reiterate existing policy are assigned to a “Reaffirmation Calendar,” are not discussed or debated, and ultimately are not a productive commitment of time.

Click the link below for more details about submitting your resolutions.