Tuesday Partner Rx: Save Your Office Admin Hours a Week & Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

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Tuesday Partner Rx | July 26, 2022

Save Your Healthcare Administrators at Least 6 Hours a Week

Who is MedTrainer?

MedTrainer is a cloud-based easy-to-manage, all-in-one solution for healthcare providers. Our three core products: learning, compliance, and credentialing are fully automated that over 2,500 clients representing over 15,000 healthcare providers use on a daily basis. Our team of experts develops customized distance learning modules with over 600 courses and over 200 continuing education credits plus new courses are added monthly.

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Why MedTrainer?

Switching to MedTrainer can save an office administrator an average of 6 hours a week. How you ask; with our automations and fully managed services your team can focus on other projects or work. Also, our system is fully cloud-based therefore no more trying to get everyone in one location to recertify or update on new compliance regulations. Plus this also allows anyone that needs to get certified no matter where they are as long as they have an internet connection.

Join over 2,500 clients in over 15,000 healthcare facilities and become a MedTrainer user today.

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Los Angeles County Medical Association is Proud to Partner with Merchant Advocate


Merchant Advocate helps businesses save money on credit card processing fees WITHOUT switching processors. As a leading expert in the healthcare space, Merchant Advocate provides tremendous cost savings to help medical institutions of all sizes reduce overhead in an increasingly competitive economy. There are no upfront costs for their services, and they are paid out of the savings they achieve and validate for you.


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