Monday Rx Messages

Accelerating Latinx Leadership, Health Inequities, Directory Inaccuracy, LACMA Elections, and Practice Makeover Deadline

May 23, 2023
Accelerating Latinx Leadership Spring Program Kicks Off I’ve been sharing the exciting news with members about LACMA’s partnership with the ...

Monday Rx | Medi-Cal Rates, 152nd Association Elections, CMA Councils & Committees, and CDSMP Workshops

May 15, 2023
Medi-Cal Rates & Governor’s Budget Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom released his revised 2023-24 state budget, proposing the reinstatement of ...

President's Statement on Texas Shooting, Office Hours, Optimizing Your Practice's Profitability, and Upcoming Events

May 8, 2023
LACMA President’s Statement  on the Allen, TX Shooting This weekend’s tragedy in Allen, Texas, has become the new normal for us. ...
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Monday Rx | LACMA @ LACMA, Time for Advocacy, Practice Makeover, Office Hours, Member Spotlight, and Upcoming Events

May 1, 2023
A Night at The Museum - LACMA @ LACMAto be Held Sunday, June 4th, at the Los Angeles County ...
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Monday Rx | ApolloMed, City of Hope, and L.A. Care Partnerships, Leg Day Recap, Installation, and a Case Study

April 24, 2023
ApolloMed Partnership Continues to Flourish This past weekend, LACMA board member Dr. Hector Flores and I presented at the ApolloMed Board ...
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Monday Rx | Legislative Advocacy Day, Gun Violence, LACMA Districts + Upcoming Webinars

April 17, 2023
49th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day!  It’s Legislative Advocacy Week! The LACMA delegation of almost 30 participants will meet with policymakers ...
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Monday Rx: Part II of LACPAC Series, Latinx Leadership Institute, Spring General Meeting, and Upcoming Webinars

April 10, 2023
How Members Can Impact Policy and Candidates (Part II of Series on LACPAC) Q: Why is LACPAC so important?  What ...
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Monday Rx: LACMA’s PAC, AB 1751, DEA Training Requirement, and Upcoming CMA Webinars

April 3, 2023
A Conversation with LACMA’s Political Action Committee (LACPAC) Chair, Dr. George Fouras Q: As chair, can you describe the LACPAC ...
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Monday Rx: LACMA's Public Health Council, CESLAC Partnership, Cesar Chavez Day, Healthcare Burnout Symposium and Clear as Mud Episodes

March 27, 2023
LACMA’s Public Health Council Impacting Obesity & More (Part I of a Two-Part Series)   Formed in 2021 to forge a ...